Genesis Rare Diamonds Response to Anonymous Posters

↑ The posters from above are from a paid SEO company that our competitors hired. Do not be fooled by them.

The reason we contact any individual, is to broach the concept of purchasing a natural colour diamond, for collecting, investment, or personal purchases for occasions, special or otherwise. Often we find the public is unaware of the existence of these natural beauties and their virtues compared with white diamonds, and thus our proactive approach to marketing allows anyone and everyone access to this exclusive market.

We encourage all our staff to be polite, friendly and enthusiastic with their approach to anyone we deal with. If your dealings with us have been below this standard, we apologize profusely, and encourage you to let us know anytime at about your experience so that we can better improve our services.

The telephone numbers we acquire are drawn from purchased lists available through a variety of list brokers internationally such as Dunn & Bradstreet and InfoCanada. These lists are simply business listings that are available publicly for a fee. If you wish not to be contacted again by Genesis, please just advise our marketing department or consultant during the initial contact, and we will put you on our Do Not Call list. We make our best efforts to maintain our list, and eliminate any duplication so that we will respect your request to not contact you again. Please be aware that business telephone numbers in Canada are not subject to the Do Not Call list legislation.

To posters implying that we are a “boiler room”, or any other kind of scam operation, we invite you and any members of the public to speak with us directly at 416-927-0030, by email at, or at our offices at 49 Ontario Street, 7th Floor, in Toronto, Canada, to give us the opportunity to explain our business, our product, and our approach.

“Boiler room” is a nefarious and hot button term that we take exception to. Our staff that approach clients may use the telephone, but that does not in and of itself make us “scammers”. We use telephone to initiate conversations with clients, sometimes we use email, and often we meet our clients face-to-face. In an effort to make ourselves accessible to clients internationally, we are able to video conference (i.e. Skype, FaceTime, etc.) in order to show our clients that there are real people here, offering a real product.

We sell loose diamonds, specifically naturally coloured diamonds and we sell custom-designed jewelery incorporating natural colour diamonds. They are real, and every client’s purchased diamond is delivered to them to see and touch. Every diamond comes certified or appraised in an arm’s length laboratory, where a registered and educated gemologist has offered an opinion as to the specifications and quality of the subject diamond. Genesis has no impact on the values these labs report, nor the specifications of the certified diamonds.

Reselling your diamond is a service Genesis offers. We use commercially reasonable means to assist our clients in remarketing their acquisition. Natural colour diamonds are a medium to long term investment. We recommend a 4 to 5 year hold. There is no guarantees in reselling diamonds however. Some diamonds can be sold quite quickly, and others take more time. Getting the best price for a client is the principle goal in any reselling process, and the best price is what a willing buyer, is prepared to offer a willing seller.

That said, we have several avenues in place that assist us and our clients through the reselling process. If any client is interested in selling, and has not been contacted with regards to their request, please feel free to contact us at the numbers noted previously in this post. In addition, Genesis Rare Diamonds President Jeff Kushner can be reached at, or 416-927-0030 ext. 123 between 7am and 7pm (EST) Monday to Thursday, and 7am to 3pm (EST) Fridays. He will be happy to discuss with you your concerns and attempt to expedite your requests any time.

We invite and are grateful for any honest criticism that is offered of our business. It is our best opportunity to improve ourselves, and work together with our clients.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.